ETG: Sustainable Development

From their inception, the ETG parent companies and selected subsidiaries have partnered with host governments in economic development initiatives in developing countries. Today, ETG focuses strongly on sustainable and green development, including:

  • Public-private partnerships to plan, fund and rapidly implement large-scale national "ecosystems" to provide broad access to clean, portable low-carbon fuels for the world's 2.7 billion energy poor consumers, as a transition to renewable fuels over the long term, and

  • Managed forestation for low-carbon and carbon-neutral power generation utilizing biomass.

ETG has been involved for several decades in the planning, financing and/or implementation of new, long-term, energy-related and energy-infrastructure projects around the world—and even the creation of new national industries—in many countries, such as:

  • China: Creation of its LNG industry

  • Pakistan: Development of barge-borne power generation

  • Middle East (multiple countries): Energy supply chain disintermediation

  • Liberia: Development of export capabilities for agricultural and mining products

  • Romania: Planning and initial implementation of new clean fuels import infrastructure

ETG's advisory and professional services entities continue to advise national governments and advise and partner with major state-owned and global corporations regarding strategy, economic development, project development and commercial negotiation in the fields of renewable energy, LNG, transportation and international supply chains.