ETG: Business Overview

The ETG Companies are a diversified family of over 20 partnerships, joint ventures and operating companies on five continents in sectors including energy (including alternative energy, clean fuels, energy technologies, infrastructure and logistics), sustainable development, finance, technology (including digital electronics, medical devices, communications and genomics), national security, food/beverage, professional services and real estate.

The modern ETG Companies are knowledge-based, financially and technologically-intensive organizations, with an emphasis on global financial and operating partnerships that leverage a core of common technological, geographic or sector expertise. ETG is committed to helping solve critical national and international problems and expand national and international markets through the development, co-development and global evangelization of disruptive and game-changing new business models, technologies, products and services.

ETG is also an active adviser to and partner with multiple national governments, governmental agencies and state-owned corporations worldwide regarding energy, sustainable development, transportation, and economic policy and strategy, and infrastructural projects and best practices.