ETG: Shipping

The antecedent to the modern ETG companies was Marine Transport Lines, then the world's fifth largest shipping company, sold in order to form the first of the modern ETG Companies, Energy Transportation Group, Inc., in 1972. ETG achievements in LNG shipping included the financing, construction and operation of a US$1 billion fleet of eight 125kcm LNG ships which at its peak moved annually over 15% of all LNG produced in the world. ETG shipping companies pioneered modern ship and port safety techniques, operating procedures, certifications and insurance concepts for LNG shipping still used today.

During its 25-year Indonesia-to-Japan trades, ETG ships safely delivered over 3,000 cargoes without any cargo loss. This record represented the most LNG shipped worldwide by a single fleet.

In 2001, ETG was selected as the LNG Shipping Advisor to China's Guangdong LNG Transportation Project, and in 2005, to China's Fujian LNG Transportation Project. ETG is also a shareholder of the respective Chinese LNG ship-owning companies.

In Qatar, ETG partnered with the KfW, the German state bank, to make a US$2 billion, 7 ship fleet offer, the largest single ship finance offer ever made.

ETG companies have also been pioneers in the creation and/or implemenation of new, specialized categories of shipping and ships, such as specialized rubber-transport cargo vessels and power-generation barges.

Today, the ETG Dorchester Limited joint-venture company provides LNG ship and shore management services, training and technology transfer in major Asian markets. Most recently, ETG Dorchester has partnered with The Sanko Steamship Company, a leading Japanese shipping company, to serve Japanese-related LNG shipping markets.