ETG: Middle East and Africa

ETG-family companies have been active in the Middle East in the energy, finance and premium food and beverage sectors. Key market sectors include LNG export and natural gas project development and advisory services, and distribution of premium food/beverage products such as bottled mineral water.

In the energy sector, ETG advised the Pakistani, Israeli and Omani governments regarding LNG shipping; in Qatar, ETG partnered with the German state bank, KfW, to make a US$2 billion, 7 ship LNG fleet offer, the largest single ship finance offer ever made. ETG has advised numerous governments and corporations on LNG ship to shore coordination and port safety protocols.

In central Africa, ETG has partnered to help the DRC with development of its natural resources as a part of the country's social and economic development efforts.

ETG has partnered with leading companies and organizations in Liquefied Petroleum Gas and in international development to research and develop commercially sustainable, large scale clean energy access solutions for a large portion of the nearly 3 billion energy-poor persons in the developing world who presently suffer from ill health effects, excessive labor demands, and regional environmental degradation resulting from their presently necessary reliance on traditional indoor biomass fuels such as wood and charcoal.

ETG's Paradent affiliate advises governments and major energy buyers and suppliers regarding development of new gas trades and new economic models for energy production and trading.