ETG: How to Become an ETG Partner

ETG partners are diverse in number and nature, but they all demonstrate certain common characteristics:

  • A commitment to quality
  • Recognized leadership in their field
  • Unique expertise or operating capabilities
  • A flexible, team-oriented approach to joint development of opportunities
  • A long-term view of success
  • Willingness to commit the time and resources to attain and sustain long-term success
  • A fair and balanced approach to issues of governance and control

ETG partnerships are typically long lived and, ideally, evolve in scale and scope in mutually rewarding ways. ETG's preferred process is to analyze a partnering opportunity for strategic fit and the potential for operational synergy and mutual long-term financial and strategic reward, then to develop relationships of trust and respect at a board, management and operating level, and finally to enter into one or more contractual partnership or JV relationships that are mutually anticipated to expand and evolve over time.

Corporations, organizations and entrepreneurs wishing to explore mutual opportunities consistent with the ETG partnering strategy are encouraged to visit our contact page.