ETG: Private Equity

In their private equity activities, the ETG holding companies practice a focused investment approach based on

  • Acquiring control at attractive valuations;
  • In industries related to ETG core competencies;
  • With defensible proprietary technologies or capabilities, or major, secure, long-term contractual buyers; and
  • Where, ideally, the involvement of an ETG affiliate or major partner company can help accelerate results.

ETG works closely with operating partners and management teams to build businesses that generate sustainable high returns on and of invested capital over the long term. The ETG companies have also worked with partners to develop new investment funds focused on China opportunities and on long-term energy project opportunities.

The scale of ETG investing and financing activities ranges from seed investments in promising new entrepreneurial ventures around the world to the financing, with partner KfW, the German state bank, of a US$2 billion, 7 ship fleet offer to Qatar, the largest single ship finance offer ever made.