ETG: China

The ETG companies longest-standing and deepest international commercial and governmental relationships have been with China. Members of the founding family of the ETG companies were ministers in China at the turn of the last century, and leaders in the development of China's rail, banking, shipping and communications infrastructures and the founding of leading Chinese educational institutions.

ETG activities in China have evolved to encompass a broad array of fields, including

  • Service as LNG Shipping Advisor to China's Guangdong and Fujian LNG Transportation Projects,
  • Ownership in the emerging Chinese LNG fleet,
  • Partnering in the ownership and development of a leading East China LPG distribution company near Shanghai,
  • Advising the Chinese government on certain aspects of energy and related economic policy,
  • Sponsorship of a Harvard University project to define a new national health care system,
  • Participation in numerous M&A, private equity and venture capital initiatives involving Chinese state-owned-enterprises and privately held companies,
  • Development of global commodity sourcing solutions for Chinese industry, and
  • Advising leading Chinese companies regarding market expansion, including in health insurance, VoIP technology, mobile communications, and transportation infrastructure.

The ETG parent entities maintain regional offices in Shanghai and Beijing.