ETG: Professional, Advisory and Agency Services

Thought-leadership, analytical innovation and the related development of business opportunity are at the heart of the ETG companies' strengths. ETG capabilities in strategy and planning, in project consulting, and in the finding/creating, negotiating and structuring of major new business relationships, partnerships and expansions have been recognized by governments and leading state-owned and private-sector institutions and corporations worldwide.

ETG and its advisory affiliates have advised governments, ministries and agencies, state-owned companies and industry groups of China, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Israel, Oman, and elsewhere on matters including energy policy, energy economics, infrastructure and transportation projects, industrial policy, international commerce and trade, geographic market entry, international finance and investing, geopolitical strategy, safety, security, competitive strategy, labor relations, and other topics.

The depth and breadth of the ETG network of senior government and industry leaders and experts in multiple fields has allowed ETG and its advisory affiliates to assist in the study, planning, negotiation, financing and implementation of billions of dollars of new global trade, infrastructure, and technology developments, often with new, more effective and efficient paradigms first recognized and developed within the ETG family of companies.

Governmental ministries and agencies, companies and organizations with further interest in ETG advisory services should visit the ETG contact page.